Harlequin is a miracle. Many say it is a reincarnation of the first plant.


Harlequin is more than CBD and THC. Harlequin is a magical  mix of other cannabinoids and terpenes all of whom have found synergistic balance with each other. Pharmaceutical firms will not be able to match what nature has provided us with Harlequin.


Harlequin has changed the lives of many, many people who had great health challenges to face.


The Free For All proposes that Harlequin would also prevent those serious diseases.


A joint a Day keeps the Doctor away!


Harequin does not get you high like THC varieties.  Many say they had a "great day" and were not "stoned".


Recommended dosage is to smoke a gram every 12 hours.


The Breeder, Mr. Green, has donated his discovery of Harlequin to benefit the world, with the requirement that it be gifted widely.