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If you are outside Colorado, we will not respond.

Thank you for participating in the CBD Free For All.

CBD is a miracle that needs to be gifted as widely as possible.

The Free for All has few rules-

  1.     You must be over 21, want to grow and consume your own CBD cannabis, and want to gift CBD cannabis and Plants to others.
  2.     Money, or any form of remuneration, must never be involved.
  3.      Whoever receives a free plant agrees to gift on plants to others who agree to gift on plants to others, etc etc
  4.     The impact of your homegrown CBD on your health, whether to prevent or treat disease, should be updated quarterly on the Society of Cannabis Clinicians CBD Survey at   Enter “WAL2.12.13-1”as the survey code to identify the plant you are using. The survey is confidential.
  5.     You will provide as many free cuttings as you can to others in your area who want them.

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